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Academy Location

ASDS Studios at Preston House, located at 7 Preston Crescent in Inverkeithing with the postcode KY11 1DR, is a versatile facility that serves as the home for the Advanced Academy. This impressive establishment boasts an array of rooms and amenities designed to foster creativity and artistic expression.


One of the main highlights of the studio is the Large Dance Room, which not only serves as a spacious area for dance rehearsals and training but also doubles as an intimate in-house theatre. This means that performers and students can enjoy both dancing and theatre productions in the same versatile space.


Additionally, the studio is equipped with two dedicated Dance and Drama Rooms, providing ample room for students to hone their skills in these disciplines. These rooms are specifically designed to accommodate the movements and physical demands of dance and drama, enhancing the overall learning experience.


The singing class room is another important feature of ASDS Studios. This specialized room is acoustically designed to provide optimal sound quality and offers a comfortable and professional environment for vocal training. Students can explore their musical talents and receive expert guidance to improve their singing abilities.


Furthermore, the costume room adds an extra dimension to the studio, offering a space dedicated to the creation and storage of costumes for various performances. This ensures that participants have access to an extensive collection of costumes, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their roles and enhance the overall visual experience of the productions.


Last but not least, ASDS Studios prides itself on its fully equipped Vocal Recording Studio. This state-of-the-art facility allows singers and musicians to record their work professionally, ensuring top-notch audio quality for their projects. Whether it's for personal demos or professional recordings, the Vocal Recording Studio provides all the necessary tools and technology to capture and enhance the artists' performances.


In conclusion, ASDS Studios at Preston House offers an exceptional environment for the Advanced Academy. With its Large Dance Room and in-house theatre, Dance and Drama Rooms, singing class room, costume room, and fully equipped Vocal Recording Studio, this facility caters to all aspects of performing arts education and production. Students and performers alike can benefit from the diverse range of amenities and rooms, fostering a creative and inspiring atmosphere to nurture their talents and passion.

ASDS Studios
Preston House
7 Preston Crescent
KY11 1DR

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